Alpha 0.0.45

A new patch is here! Along with 4 new stages and a revamped stage selection screen! Please have a play and let me know what you think. Beta is coming soon and I'd love as much feedback as possible :)

0.0.45 [21.05.2017]


  • Added 4 New stages. There are now 9 in the game.
  • The stage select screen has been redesigned.
  • Summoned units now have set stats. They are not based on the summoner’s Power.


  • Blood Strike healing has been halved.
  • Whirlwind is now a common Card instead of Uncommon.


  • Soul Ripped units with less than 1 Movement now have 1 Movement when copied.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed AI melee units moving to incorrect tiles.
  • Sacrifice now correctly targets self.
  • Picking up items properly removes previous charges in the item slot.
  • Fallen Shielded units are not destroyed if they are damaged and have a Shield.

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Version 7 May 21, 2017

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