Alpha 0.4 is live!

Alpha 0.4 is the last planned update before the new Adventure Mode. I wanted to add a few mechanics and quality of life improvements so I have more tools to work with! Here are some of the changes.

New Mechanic: Push Back

Some units are able to push other units back. This is good for making space or pushing enemies into hazards.

New Mechanic: Confuse

Confused units see all other units as enemies. Human players won't have control of the unit until the Confusion ends. AI units on a human controlled team will take their actions when the player presses the Next Turn button.

New Mechanic: Pickup Items

Units have 30% chance to drop an item. When a unit moves to an item, it is picked up and may be used as if it were a skill. Items often have Charges. When an item has 0 Charges, it is destroyed.

New Mechanic: Tile Items

Some items can be picked up, others are too heavy! They stay on the tile for any unit to come and use them. Like Pickup Items, they have charges and will be destroyed when their charges reach 0.

Combat Log

This gives more information to players who wish to see it or if they missed something.

AI Improvements

  • Support units now prioritize the most damaged allies and will attempt to move to them.
  • When using skills, units prioritize units with lower health at higher difficulties.
  • Units move out of hazards and will try to move to the best target if they have spare AP at higher difficulties.

Sounds and Music

I've added music from spifftune and sounds from chiptone. These, with a little screenshake, have added more impact to skills. I'll be working on adding the art for skill effects in the next few updates.

Basic Options Menu

From the Battle Menu, it's now possible to:

  • Toggle Music On/Off
  • Toggle Sounds On/Off
  • Choose Battle Speed
  • Exit the Battle

Test The Game for Free!

The HTML version will be available until the 21st of October 2017! After that, the game will enter closed alpha once again while I work on the new Adventure Mode. More details about that in a later update!

You can play the game here!

Any feedback gratefully received!



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