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Back to Alpha!
Hello! After the complete re-write, I'm starting to add mechanics and features back in. I'd like to get some super early feedback and make sure the export proce...
2 files
Linux x64 Version Fixed
Hello! This is a small update to the linux build that finally fixes it! If there are any issues, please let me know! I've managed to test it on lubuntu but not...
1 file — 0.4.1
Alpha 0.4 is live!
Alpha 0.4 is the last planned update before the new Adventure Mode . I wanted to add a few mechanics and quality of life improvements so I have more tools to...
Jotsway Canyon Alpha 0.3
Jotsway Canyon Alpha 0.3 is live! This release has a number of AI improvements , more options to customize the test area and several bug fixes . To celebrate, t...
2 files — 0.3
AI, Linux and HTML5 Testing
Hello! This build adds AI into the game and also a Linux release! (I hope it works) Testing and feedback would be most welcome! I've enabled the HTML version te...
2 files — 0.2
Alpha 0.1 Is Here!
Hello! I've finally finished most of the skills for the first set of units! If you would like to support the game and have a sneaky peak at its development, you...
1 file
PSA: 0.1 Will Replace The Current Game Soon
Hello! As you may know, Battle for Jotsway Canyon has undergone lots of changes recently after being ported to a new engine. I wanted to give any current player...

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