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This is a Beta for my upcoming indie desktop and Android game code named Jaggy Battles. I'm looking for early testers to make sure I'm heading in the right direction!

The game is about fighting a diverse set of enemies in a turn-based arena. Do this by using a variety of skills and items to help you get as much Gold as possible before you inevitably die. You level up, customise your class and gain powerful Blessings that enhance your abilities and strategies.

When testing please bear in mind I'm just focusing on mechanics for now - asset work will come in Beta so many animations and sprites are subject to change.

Let me know any of the following things if you can!

  • Did you try different classes out? (Barbarian, Sorcerer, Cleric, a hybrid)
  • Are there any bugs or things that behave strangely?
  • Are the current enemies interesting enough?

For way more information and a run down on how to play, check out my blog.


What's New?

  • Lots of changes!

Full Changelog

You can follow me on Twitter @jaggygames for additional updates.

Install instructions

This is a runable .jar file, so you'll need Java installed on your computer.

If you are having troubles, check you have the newest version of Java.

There is no support for mobile iOS, sorry!

[A tester has reported there may be problems running on macs - if you have problems please let me know! I can't currently test on a mac so the information would be useful, thank!]


Jaggy Battles 0.8.2.jar (18 MB)

Also available on

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